Repair/Warranty Work

All equipment must be maintained and repaired at some point. It is no different with swimming pool equipment.  We are one of very few certified service centers in the area for all major brands of pool equipment. We have a saying “We won’t sell what we can’t fix”. Our technicians have over thirty years combined in the swimming pool industry. You can be sure that your investment will be in good hands.

Free Water Testing!

Just bring a sample of your water by our office. It can be in a small sealed container. We use the WaterLink Spin Professional Water Analysis Lab from LaMotte. Its software calculates the exact dose of each chemical you need to get your pool chemistry balanced.

Commercial and Residential cleaning service

Our cleaning service consists of the following tasks:

  • Clean all skimmer and pump baskets
  • Vacuum or leafmaster the pool
  • Skim leaves and debris from pool surface
  • Brush walls, steps, and floors as needed
  • Brush and clean all waterline tile
  • Test the pool chemistry
  • Adjust the pool chemistry to keep the pool in sparkling and sanitized condition
  • Backwash and recharge filter
  • Write up a Service Ticket noting any problems and what was performed
  • Online Customer Portal access

We supply our own cleaning equipment.  Our pool technicians are friendly, well trained, and extremely knowledgeable.  Our rates are some of the lowest in Middle Tennessee. Our cleaning services are offered seasonal or year round.

Pool Openings/Closings

That time of year rolls around every season.  The dreaded time of taking off the cover and discovering what is underneath.  So let us do that for you.  We will open your pool, clean it, balance the water chemistry, and get you ready for the season.  When the season is over, and you are ready to close up the pool, we offer pool closings as well.  Or you can keep it open year round and let us perform winter pool service.

Pool Inspections

When you are ready to sell your house or buy a house, call us and we will do a pool inspection for you.  We will let you know the condition of the pool and the cost to make any repairs needed.